Welcome to our Spring 2024 Career Everywhere Faculty Fellow!

Over the past year, The Center for Career Development has offered a Faculty Fellow program that is designed to support the mission of Career Everywhere.  The faculty that has been part of this program have worked diligently to incorporate career readiness strategies into their classrooms, create syllabi language and assignments that promote competency development, and promote the Career Champion program to their colleagues.

This semester, we are delighted to have Dr. Danielle DeRosa join us to further integrate career readiness into the student experience. Through the development of resources and collaborative communities, the Center is excited to collaborate with Danielle to integrate career across campus that encourages students to articulate their career competencies.

Dr. Danielle DeRosa has had the opportunity to work in multiple departments across the university including Athletics, Global Affairs, and First Year Experience, which she believes has influenced her passion for collaboration and teamwork. Currently, she is a Visiting Clinical Instructor in the Neag School of Education, and in the fall of 2024 will embark on a new role as Assistant Professor in Residence and Director of Experiential Learning in the Sport Management Program in the Neag School.

Dr. DeRosa’s research and teaching are driven by working to create opportunities for the success of all students. Her doctoral research looked at sense of belonging for women in sport management programs. While this research highlighted opportunities for sense of belonging, it also illuminated systemic barriers, such as sexism and racism, that students face within our academic programs and society at large.

Dr. DeRosa takes this understanding into the classroom, where she pushes students to think about the institution of sport, and how we can create more equitable environments within our teams and sport organizations. To do this she uses interactive classroom activities, as well as opens her classroom to alumni and sport industry professionals so that students can learn from others in a dynamic and social environment. She also provides students with information that helps them to see inequities within sport, so that there can be collective conversation and increased awareness, in hopes that when students are in positions to impact change, they are well equipped.

Career readiness is integral to the work that Dr. DeRosa embarks on with students. Dr. DeRosa is committed to meeting students where they are, and providing both challenge and support so that they can reach their fullest potential—as students on our campus and beyond. This semester Dr. DeRosa is excited to work alongside colleagues from the Center for Career Development to learn more about the great work that is happening in the center, and to support the expansion of the center’s work across campus.

By Kaitlyn Anderson
Kaitlyn Anderson Career Readiness Program Designer