Big Interview – The Practice Interviewing Platform

One of the biggest challenges in developing interview skills can be not having an effective way to practice outside of actually participating in an interview. The Big Interview resource works to change that with options to learn about interviewing, develop interview answers, and practice articulating those answers. 

As a Career Champion, if you have worked with students who are preparing for an interview, you have likely been asked something along the lines of, “what questions am I going to be asked?”. While you may know some of the typical questions, or questions you have experienced previously, it can be difficult to truly know what a student should expect, especially if you are working with students going into all different fields and industries. Big Interview can help with this, with specific interview questions from 33 different fields/industries, and multiple roles within each industry, that users can practice answering, learn about how to answer, and view strong sample answers for. Users can also practice general questions, questions about certain skillsets, graduate school admission questions and more through recording a video of themselves answering with the ability to watch it back to self-critique. Utilize this platform as a resource you can refer students to, as well as for your own learning, giving you the confidence you need to speak to how to answer questions and how to better prepare.  

Like what you see from Big Interview as a tool for students? The platform offers the ability to create assignments in which students must record themselves answering specific questions of your choosing with the option for you to provide individual feedback on each answer. Reach out to the Center for Career Development to get support in setting these assignments up.    

In addition to the interviewing resources, Big Interview also has resume learning videos and a ResumeAI tool that students can scan their document into to receive feedback in the areas of readability, credibility, and applicant tracking system fit. There is also the option to put in the job description of the position being applied to see how well the resume fits the role. An assignment can be created using the Resume AI tool as well.  

Visit to begin exploring Big Interview, and feel free to reach out to the Center for Career Development to go more in depth about how to use the platform.  

By Steve Kligerman
Steve Kligerman Assistant Director, Programming & Career Everywhere | Pronouns: he/him/his