Major: Biomedical Engineering

Location: CT, United States

Course; Grading: ENGR 3281; Satisfactory (S) / Unsatisfactory (U)
Course co-requisites; Grading: N/A; N/A
Possible number of credits: Zero
Course prerequisites: Consent of program director.
Minimum class standing and GPA: N/A, N/A
Academic work requirement: None
Can non-majors receive credit? No
Internship is a graduation requirement for
this program:
When course is offered: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional information: Upon completion of internship, students must turn in a letter from the supervisor or a final pay stub from the employer. Students must fill out an independent study form in order to receive the transcript notation, listing both the company name and location.
Department internship information:


Sample internship opportunities for Biomedical Engineering majors:
Biologics Technical Development Assistant, Pharmaceutical Development Intern, Orthopedics Intern, Nanoparticle Fabrication Intern

Sample organizations where Biomedical Engineering majors have interned:
Carey and Company, QDx Inc., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Natixis Global Associates, Mercer Consulting, Boston Biomedical Consultants, Bristol-Myers Squibb, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

Ways to find an internship:
Internships can be found on Handshake, or through online resources found at

For more information about internship policies in this department, please contact:
Nick Delaney, Ed.D., Academic Advisor
Engineering II, Room 200C

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