Whether you are applying for a job, internship, funding, or another graduate degree, etc. you will need to communicate your skills, knowledge, experience, your vision, and interests, and alignment with the opportunity.

Understanding yourself, the opportunity, and what is desired by your audience are key components in successful communication.  Skipping one of these components will lessen your ability to communicate your value and to show what you have to offer.

Consider these resources as you explore ways to effectively communicate your value in your verbal and oral communication and digital presence.


Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

If you are seeking a faculty job or an industry research position, you will most often be required to submit …

Big Interview: Practice Interviewing

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Interview Preparation Guide and Worksheets

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Tips for Specific Interview Types

Review the documents below for tips on how to succeed with specific interview types.

Career On Demand

Watch bite-sized videos with tips & advice covering all aspects of Career Development, wherever and whenever you need them.

Common Academic Interview Questions

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