Jobs and internships get posted, individuals apply, and typically applicant tracking systems scan the materials and eliminate individuals who did not optimize their documents for the system to scan. Does this mean they weren’t a good candidate for the position? Not necessarily, but the hiring personnel never got to know the potential applicant.

Creating a network of people who know you is central to an effective job or internship search. When you interact with individuals working at employers of interest to you, you will learn more about the employer’s needs, gain insight into the skills, knowledge, and experience that are valued, gather job search advice, and have someone on the inside of the company or organization who knows YOU!

Utilize the following resources to learn more about networking.


Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to best present yourself on the biggest professional social media network.


After creating a strong profile within LinkedIn, search jobs and internships while connecting with companies of interest.

Career On Demand

Watch bite-sized videos with tips & advice covering all aspects of Career Development, wherever and whenever you need them.

Informational Interviewing & Job Shadowing

Informational interviews and job shadowing experiences are opportunities for you to build a professional network and to gain knowledge about …