[To be deleted] Grad Students & Postdocs - Gain Experience

Do you ever seek to try out career sectors or jobs that might be a fit for you? Perhaps you want to apply the skills and knowledge that you are gaining to a workplace, or to a different workplace than your current one?

Employers often give greater consideration to job applicants who have relevant experience that extends beyond coursework or an academic degree. Consider these resources to begin to uncover opportunities to gain experience:


Leadership Opportunities

Leadership can encompass leading people, projects, ideas, and does not have to be associated with a positional title or formal …

UConn-based Graduate Assistantships

Learn about UConn-based Graduate Assistantships in offices and departments throughout the University. Note: This site has the greatest number of …

Job Simulation Activities

Try out “true-to-life” job simulation exercises by applying your skills and knowledge to real-life tasks associated with specific careers. Note: …