Can’t make it to the fair? Here’s how to connect with the employers you missed.

The career fairs that happen on campus each semester are an amazing opportunity for students to meet dozens of employers from various industries in one place and time conveniently located right on-campus. However, if exams, work or illness get in your way and keep you from being able to attend the fair, there are plenty of other ways for you to personally connect with employers!

Information Sessions: Think you are interested in a company, but not quite sure? Information sessions are a great way to learn more about a company, culture, and opportunities they may be hiring for directly from current employers themselves! Oftentimes, after the information session has concluded, there is the opportunity to network with the employer there.

On Campus Interviews: Leaving campus for an interview can be hard sometimes, especially when trying to work around a class schedule. However, many companies make it very easy for students to navigate tricky class schedules by holding interviews right on campus. I highly recommend seeing if a company you are planning to apply to is planning to be on campus any time soon for interviews and to then applying through HuskyCareerLink , where if chosen to interview, you can personally select the time of day your interview will take place! Additionally, when you apply through HuskyCareerLink you are much more likely to have your resume meet the eyes of a recruiter.

Business Career Mondays: Each semester, the School of Business Career Development Office hosts Career Mondays where representatives from different companies table in the School of Business and are available to students. This is a great opportunity to network with employers you may have missed at the career fair, or simply ask questions career related. Check out this semester’s schedule to see if any employers that pique your interest will be featured.


Husky Mentor Network: The Husky Mentor Network is an online platform that connects students with UConn alumni with similar educational backgrounds. This is a great way to personally connect with alumni who are currently in an industry you may be interested in whether it is for interview and resume advice or just to learn more about their industry. These alumni are more than willing to lend a helping hand!

The career fair will always be a great way to meet and network with employers, but it is not the only way get your name in front of an employer on campus. Be sure to check out the Center for Career Development’s events calendar  to see which employers will be on campus this semester!

By Allison Rescsanski
Allison Rescsanski