Are You Seeking an Internship/Co-op Opportunity in the Field of Political Science/Government?

Are you seeking an internship/co-op opportunity in the field of political science/government?  An internship/co-op experience is empowering and an opportunity to gain work experience and learn relevant career skills and in your major field.  It is also an opportunity to explore diverse interests if you have not yet settled on a career path.  There are many internship/co-op opportunities available in the political science/government field. UConn Center for Career Development has many career on-line resources for students to locate career opportunities in the political science/government field.

For general information about internships/co-ops, please visit the Center for Career Development at It is helpful for students to schedule career appointments with a career coaches to discuss your specific career objectives/goals.  Career Coaches can guide you through the internship/co-op experience.

The following career online resources/campus events will be useful for students pursuing internships/co-ops in the field of political science/government.

What Can I Do With This Major

Information listing job titles that can assist students with information in the diverse career fields.


UConn’s job board platform that provides students/alumni with information about internships/co-ops.

Additional search engines on Center for Career Development website:  Vault, Glassdoor, Spothook, Mergent Intellect and GoinGlobal at

CCD On DemandA selection of career videos that relate to internships/co-ops.  Watch these brief videos 24/7! Check them out at

Career ConversationsThe UConn Center for Career Development at regional campuses sponsor employer tabling events sponsored by the.  Four employers are invited to campus to inform students about their companies/organizations, as well as career opportunities available including internships/co-ops and jobs.  Frequently an internship/co-op leads to a full-time job.

Career Fairs

These employer tabling events are very productive and practical for internship/co-op seekers because you can meet a diverse number of companies/organizations all at one time.  It is convenient and saves energy, both for you and your car.

Government Related Internship Opportunities:

For additional internship/co-op information and to schedule your career appointment with a career coach, please go to Handshake at

By Robin Shefts
Robin Shefts Assistant Director (Hartford Campus) Robin Shefts