How to Use State Government Websites to Find Opportunities

Exploring government websites can be very helpful in identifying state priorities and issues, the departments dedicated to those, and future opportunities. If you have already found a position to apply to, reading other parts of the website can give you a better idea of what you could include in your application materials. We are going to review the Connecticut Department of Social Services to show what you can learn about careers by reviewing government sites. Follow along at

Step One: Use the site to learn about priorities and issues.

This part of the website shows recent news from the state government and can show areas of focus. As this blog was written in May of 2020, the coronavirus is present in each of the news stories, but during other times these articles can show a broader range of important current events connected to the state government. You may want to think about preparing some questions that you can ask about recent news in your interview and include any previous experiences in these areas on your application documents.

Step Two: Learn about key people.

This part of the website shows some of the government officials and statements about important issues, like the economy, equal pay, good-paying jobs, public schools, and entrepreneurship. As these issues are highlighted, it can be inferred that they are of particular interest to the Connecticut Department of Social Services and are good areas to mention on a cover letter or during an interview.

Step Three: Learn what departments and agencies exist and what they do.

The Department of Social Services oversees several agencies that focus on health, nutrition, community, employment, and families. Research these areas and discover current initiatives within the Department of Social Services that may interest you. If you are applying or looking to work in one of these areas, do some exploration to get an idea of potential projects and programs managed by the various agencies. For this example, we will take a closer look at Health and Human Services. Within the tabs, you will notice there is more information on the key parts of the department.

Step Four: Find State government jobs and internship postings.

The Department of Social Services also has job and internship listings that are open to the public and jobs listed in Connecticut. This is a great area to look for future opportunities for both full time and seasonal positions. Postings show each of the specific departments, close date, and where the position is located. After completing your research on the rest of the website, you will be ready to craft your application!

For more information on preparing professional documents or to continue a search for future opportunities, schedule a virtual appointment with a career coach.

By Kalle Nelson
Kalle Nelson Graduate Assistant Kalle Nelson