2020’s Top 10 U.S. Companies with Initiatives to Support the Success of Hispanic and Latinx Employees

Are you interested in working in the corporate world, but are unsure of how to find employers that are dedicated to advancing the careers of Hispanic and Latinx workers? Trying to compile this information can be very difficult and time-consuming, which is why the founder of LATINA Style Magazine, Anna Maria Arias, created a resource to show which companies in the United States value the success of their Latinx workers. The LATINA Style 50 report evaluates over 800 companies to measure their commitment to:

  • Leadership programs
  • Employee benefits
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Retention
  • Latinx representation in senior positions

The 2020 LATINA Style 50 Report is the 23rd annual report by LATINA Style, Inc. This report “sets the standard for identifying corporations who are providing the best career opportunities for Latin[x] workers in the country” (LATINA Style Inc., 2020). Read more about the 2020 LATINA Style Report here.

The top 10 LATINA Style best companies, according to the results of the LATINA Style 50 survey are listed below. To view the full list of companies, please visit the LATINA Style 50 website.

  1. Bank of America
  2. Accenture
  3. New York Life
  4. Johnson & Johnson
  5. AT&T
  6. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  7. Nationwide
  8. Colgate – Palmolive
  9. CVS Health
  10. Aflac

Helpful tip: When researching organizations, make sure to look for a diversity and inclusion statement and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this employer seem committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace?
  • Can I bring my full self into the workplace without fear of discrimination?
  • Are their policies and programs in place that work to promote my success as a Hispanic and/or Latinx employee?
  • Are their Hispanic and/or Latinx employees in executive positions?

For further questions on how to find organizations that actively promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, consider scheduling an appointment with a Career Coach to help guide you through the job-searching process and provide useful industry knowledge. 

Photo by Brittani Burns on Unsplash

By Alexis Cortes
Alexis Cortes Graduate Assistant