Careers for the Common Good

Exposing students to socially-responsible vocations in industries ranging from public service & non-profits, to benefit-corporations & social enterprises.

Careers for the Common Good works to bring together students and values-driven organizations who desire to create positive change in society. We do this through both programming and the annual Careers for the Common Good Career Fair. Careers for the Common Good is a collaborative program of the Center for Career Development, the Office of Community Outreach, Programs, Services, and Initiatives, and the Human Rights Institute. For questions or more information, please email


Non-Profit and Service Career Fair

Attend the Non-Profit and Service Career Fair to network with over 75 employers recruiting for career opportunities at organizations focused …

Career On Demand

Watch bite-sized videos with tips & advice covering all aspects of Career Development, wherever and whenever you need them.

Benefit Corporations

Benefit Corporations are for-profit companies that have the dual goal of making a profit and contributing towards a public good. …

Graduate School Programs
Review a list of Graduate School programs that can provide pathways to careers in Common Good. American University Graduate School

Finding a Job in Careers for the Common Good
Explore these online nonprofit and common good job boards during your search for jobs, internships, and service opportunities. These job …
Community Outreach

Community Outreach’s mission is to enrich learning at the University of Connecticut through preparing students to be active global citizens …

Exploring Common Good Career Paths

The infamous career question “what are you going to do?” is challenging to answer. So many factors playing into this …