Welcome to the Arts, Media, and Communication Career Community!

Welcome to the Arts, Media, and Communication Career Community! There are a ton of career resources at career.uconn.edu, but it can be challenging at times to find exactly what you are looking for as a student interested in Arts, Media, and Communication. This Career Community is meant to make it easier to find information directly related to your career interests. Here are the sections of the page that you may find useful:

Featured Events – The Center for Career Development posts events specifically related to careers in Arts, Media, and Communication. These may be in-person or virtual events that are put on by our office, other departments on campus, or by groups outside of UConn. For example, you may be interested in our webinars at the end of September about setting up a professional website using Wix.com, or our School of Fine Arts Career Panels in October and November to hear different SFA Alumni’s stories of where they are now and how they got there.

Featured Articles – There are a lot of career related articles online, and even on our career website, that you can look at, but the featured articles within this community page have been chosen specifically for students within this community. This could be success stories of past and current students, career opportunities to consider, how to utilize skills you have learned with your arts, media, and communication courses, and more.

Husky Mentors – You have likely heard that networking can be an important part of growing within your career, but for some it can be intimidating to do. Our Husky Mentor section consists of UConn grads that want to help you! The people featured within this section have signed up to mentor our current students who want to learn more. Take a look at these Husky Mentors, see who had the same major, or a career path that interests you, and then connect with them to talk more. Networking with these individuals can be a bit easier knowing they have volunteered to be a part of this network.

Job Market Insights – Learning about different opportunities and careers is an important part of figuring out your next steps. Utilize the Job Market Insights tool to explore occupations with information on Employment Trends, Top Employers, Annual Earnings, Job Titles, and more.

Professional Organizations – Professional organizations within your industry can help you stay up to date on current trends, webinars and conferences, job opportunities, and networking. Find which organizations you want to be a part of within Arts, Media, and Communication.

Student Organizations – Are you looking to get more involved on campus? Student organizations relevant to Arts, Media, and Communication are posted here to help you find what to join next.

Knowing what resources are available within this Career Community page, you can now explore and utilize what you need as you continue down your career path within Arts, Media, and Communication. Be sure to check this community often, as new content, opportunities, and events will be posted regularly. If you would like additional assistance navigating the community, or want to discuss something you found from using these resources, you can schedule a 1 on 1 coaching appointment at the Center for Career Development.

By: Steve Kligerman, Career Consultant

By Steve Kligerman
Steve Kligerman Assistant Director, Programming & Career Everywhere | Pronouns: he/him/his