How to Answer the Question: “What Are You Doing After Graduation?”

It’s out there, ready for you – college graduation.  You’re excited and proud at your accomplishment of earning your degree, but you may also have some anxiety at the uncertainty of what lies ahead.  And on top of that, your friends and family are always asking you that dreaded question – “so what are your plans after graduation?”

First off, take a deep breath, right now!  You got this!  These years can be an exciting and stressful time, but there are things you can do right now to help you answer that question with confidence:

  • Most likely, you took a First Year Experience class as a Freshman that required you to write a resume – so you already have a big piece completed!  Now just update it with any employment, campus organizations, leadership positions, and any new skills you’ve gained since then. 
  • You know your major, but what if you don’t know what you want to do?  Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach at the UConn Center for Career Development (either virtually or in person), and they can talk with you about what it is you like to do, the classes you’ve enjoyed most, and help you explore career areas for you to pursue.  Career Coaches can also review your updated resume and help you tailor it towards your career goals.
  • Log in to Handshake to filter, research and apply to open job postings – you can even have a virtual interview on Handshake!  Make sure to attend campus job fairs, either virtually or in person, to meet Employers directly.  Meet with your professors for their industry insights, and don’t hesitate to share information about opportunities with other students who may be looking in the same career areas – maybe they know of a job opportunity or employer contact that would be helpful to you, too!

Take these concrete steps, and you’ll feel good about your answer when someone asks you about your future plans.  And remember, as we like to say, you are students today, but Huskies forever – you’ll always have UConn with you, wherever you go.

By Kathleen Powell
Kathleen Powell Front Desk Operations Assistant