Career Coaching

(Availability can be from same day to a few days to two weeks from when the appointment is scheduled)

Career Coaching bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, through a goal and action-oriented process. Students meet with dedicated professionals to discuss their academic and career related plans and are empowered to make decisions to move forward. Appointment times vary in length (20-60 minutes) and based on the outcome of each appointment, future ones may be scheduled.

Career Coaching Topics

  • Major exploration
  • Career exploration
  • Interviewing
  • Internship, co-op, or full-time job search
  • Graduate school
  • LinkedIn consultation
  • Written documents review (résumé, CV, cover letters, personal statements, teaching philosophy, etc.)

If you have not visited the CCD before, are unsure where/how to get started, or are hoping to talk to someone today, start with the 20-minute Career Coaching Appointment option.

How to maximize your time in your career coaching session:

  • Visit the vast array of resources online through, as many preliminary topics are introduced on the website and can provide the foundation for the appointment
  • Bring any paperwork, questions, or information with you that may facilitate the conversation, especially if you have a specific topic
  • Arrive about five minutes before your appointment time to check in and get settled

What to expect in your career coaching appointment:

  • A conversation and questions about what brought you to the CCD, as well as what you are looking to accomplish in the appointment
  • Based on what is discussed, some topics may be resolved in one session, while others are better suited for a follow-up conversation
  • You may return as often as needed, either for the same topic or for something different
  • CCD staff members will respect your values, ideals and perspectives while offering insight and information on your career related thoughts or concerns

What will occur when you arrive for your career coaching appointment:

  • Upon arriving at the CCD for an in-person appointment, you will be greeted by the friendly reception staff and asked to check-in for your appointment at a computer station
  • The CCD staff will call individuals for telephone/virtual appointments from a number provided when scheduling the appointment
  • After meeting the CCD staff member who will be working you, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your topics in a private, safe, and supported environment

Alumni Career Coaching

Alumni should call the Center for Career Development at 860-486-3013 to understand what services are available and how those services can be accessed. The Center for Career Development can provide full services to Alumni who graduated within the previous three years. If you graduated more than three years ago, call the office between 8:00AM and 5:00PM weekdays to learn what services are available.

All alumni may participate in Career Fairs and the online job posting system called HuskyCareerLink. Using your school email address (or personal email address if you no longer use your UConn email), follow the directions to sign up for a new account. Within 2 business days from submission of the form you will receive access to your account. Should you run into any difficulty, please email with your full name, PeopleSoft number, personal email address, phone number and date of birth.