Choose or Change a Major

Choosing a major is a significant decision in a college student’s academic career. Depending upon your aspirations and interests, you might consider some of the following questions when considering a major:

  • What subjects come naturally to you, and what are you good at doing?
  • What classes do you enjoy and what do you like to study?
  • Are there opportunities for research, study abroad, and co-curricular opportunities connected to the major’s curriculum?

Start answering these questions and learning about the majors at UConn by accessing the resources below.

Major Elimination Activity

It’s often easier to first identify the majors you DON’T want to do. This step gives you the opportunity to eliminate majors in which you have no interest, allowing you to focus only on programs that are real possibilities. To make the most of this resource, be sure to complete BOTH elimination phases.

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The Major Experience

TME is a University-wide program dedicated exclusively to major exploration. Whether you’re completely undecided, comfortably declared, or somewhere in between, it’s best to take the time to examine your options before fully committing to a major.

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Talk to a Career Coach

Bridge the gap between “where you are” and “where you want to be” through the goal-oriented & action-oriented process of career coaching. Meet with a dedicated professional to discuss your academic & career-related plans and get empowered to make decisions & move forward.

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