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How Do I Recruit UConn Interns & Co-ops?

The UConn Center for Career Development partners with employers to understand their recruiting needs, internship and co-op programs, and learning opportunities provided to UConn students. Internships and co-ops provide organizations a talent pipeline for full-time hiring, support for projects, and fresh ideas, diversity and creativity through UConn student involvement.

Internships can be full or part-time, paid or unpaid, and incorporate learning opportunities outside of the student’s day-to-day tasks (i.e. networking, mentoring, projects, and presentations). Academic credit is determined by the university and requires employer participation with student evaluations and goal setting.

Co-ops must be full-time, paid positions lasting at least the length of a semester and consisting of work that is equivalent to the student’s classroom learning. Typical co-op cycles are January – June or July – December and the Center for Career Development facilitates support for the student transitioning to a full-time, temporary employee and for the supervisor around goal setting, learning opportunities and setting student expectations. If you offer a co-op to a UConn undergraduate from any campus, please be sure to notify the Center for Career Development so the position is documented correctly with our system and with the student.

See details on posting positions.

What are the Rules for Paying Interns?

Unpaid internships in the US are subject to scrutiny by the Department of Labor and the Courts. When offering an unpaid internship, employers are to review the guidelines in the US Department of Labor, Fair Labor Standards Act or the 2nd Appeals Court(applicable to CT, NY, and VT), to ensure liability compliance. For additional information regarding these guidelines and how employers may be impacted, or to have an internship description reviewed before recruiting, contact a staff member in the UConn Internship & Co-op Program at internships@uconn.edu or 860-486-3013.

To learn more about hosting an internship or co-op, refer to the Employer Internship Guide for Off-Campus Internships.

Attending a Career Fair or Presenting to Students

The Center for Career Development hosts a number of career fairs each year, including the annual Internship & Co-op Fair, held every February. To receive an invitation to any of the department fairs, be sure you are an approved employer in HuskyCareerLink, UConn’s online recruiting system.

Become a Workplace Ambassador!

Take Your Internship or Co-op Program to New Heights and Show Your UConn Pride! Become a Workplace Ambassador.

Successful UConn alumni are practically everywhere, in some of the most well-known and established companies in the area. The Workplace Ambassadors Program brings light to these individuals and their companies, and leverages internship opportunities for current students through programs and mentoring.

Questions may be directed to the Internship and Co-op Staff, the Center for Career Development (860) 486-3013, or internships@uconn.edu or careercoop@uconn.edu.