Skills are acquired through your education, your work, and throughout your life experiences. The National Association of Colleges and Employers identified eight competencies that employers typically seek in job candidates. It is important to be aware of what employers value in a job applicant, and then make sure that you are gaining and enhancing those skills.

These competencies are:

  • Critical thinking/problem solving

  • Oral/written communication

  • Teamwork/collaboration

  • Technology

  • Leadership

  • Professionalism/work ethic

  • Self-awareness and career development

  • Global perspective

The resources below are designed to help you increase or develop the above listed competencies.


Career On Demand

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Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

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Career Development Presentations & Events

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UConn eCampus

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Business Skills

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Communication Skills

Communication skills encompass a range of interactions and engagement. Consider these resources to begin to expand your knowledge and skills.

Leadership & Management Skills

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