The Importance of On-Campus Activities

Are you interested in getting more involved on campus and making more meaningful connections? Do you struggle to fill up that one page for a resume? Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a way and it’s through on-campus activities. These are important whether it be making new friends, finding a job, or just expanding your network. Participating in volunteer work, major-related and unrelated clubs, and leadership opportunities can help you build transferable skills like communication, teamwork, and organizational skills which you can utilize in any future positions you may apply for. These activities are also an excellent way to meet new people and to expand your interests. On-campus activities can have a huge impact on your time here at UConn and beyond!

Want to get involved, but not sure how? The Involvement Fair is a perfect place to start. These happen each semester and are a terrific way to find out about new clubs and activities as well as talk with some of the club members to get a better understanding of the organization itself. The Spring Involvement Fair will be at the start of next semester in Gampel Pavilion. Make sure to keep an eye out for the exact date and time on the University, or on UConn’s various social media platforms!

Another way to find more experiences is through UConntact. This website can help you explore what UConn has to offer from the comfort of your own room! The platform helps you navigate through over 700 clubs and organizations to find one that suits your interests. Under each organization or club, you can find contact information and public events they may be hosting. With this useful information, you can reach out to start networking as well as expanding your interests and experiences!

Participating in experiences outside of classes can help you develop numerous transferable skills, create new relationships, and make sure that your resume is the best it can be! Recently joined an organization and not sure how to put the experience on a resume? Come into the Center for Career Development for a one-on-one resume critique to perfect the way you display your co-curricular activities on your application materials! Still have questions about how to find and participate in these types of experiences, then come in for a 30-minute career coaching appointment for some extra guidance!

By Melissa Nowak
Melissa Nowak Melissa Nowak