Finding Work Experience While Studying at UConn

Are you seeking a part-time job or an internship this semester? Or maybe you are about to graduate the next semester and are looking for a job to remain in the U.S.? Let us help you! Within the International student affinity community, you can find resources focused on supporting students who either attend the university on a student VISA or self-identify as international students. The affinity community is an initiative coordinated by the Center for Career Development.

In this post I will guide you through the process of finding a work experience step by step.


First, let’s go through the preparation part. To find a job, you will need a great resume. We provide 3 Pieces of Advice for a Great Cover Letter and resume critiques in the Center for Career Development.

Nervous about the interview? Don’t be worried. We have the Practice Interview Questions for International Students. You can also do a practice interview with a staff member at the Center for Career Development.

Job Search

Do you already have a clue about what kind of job you are looking for? If you don’t, International Students are Encouraged to Meet with a Career Coach. Our career coaches at the Center are all professional and supportive. They are willing to work with students of all English language abilities and they want to work with you on building your future.

After you are clear about what kind of job you are looking for, please look through the Part-Time Work in the U.S. as an F-1 Visa Student at UConn. It is important because, as international students, we always have to deal with things like Visas and I-90s to ensure that we can work legally. If you are graduating after this semester or the next, I strongly recommend you to go through the 6 Options for International Students Who Didn’t Win the H-1B Lottery and the 6 Pieces of Advice for Navigating the U.S. Job and Internship Process. It is worth reading these blog posts to gain tips for finding and pursuing a job in the U.S.

Finally, let’s see where we can find a job. It’s all in the resource part of our website. One great resource is and this blog post, Using to Find Employers Who Sponsor Visas, provides tips on how to search for companies that have a history of sponsoring work authorization visas.

Wish you all the luck through the whole process!

Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

By Andrea Xia
Andrea Xia