Quick-Entry Healthcare and Medical Support Careers

True or False: All jobs in healthcare require years and years… and years… of education.

False! While obtaining the education required to become a physician, dentist, or nurse practitioner may take up to 10 years, there are numerous other rewarding careers in healthcare that require much less education and time. So, while some students may be excited by the lengthy process of completing medical or dental school, don’t fret if you’re not one of them. In fact, before deciding on the exact medical profession you would like to pursue, it is important to know what all of your options are.

EduMed, a website that aims to connect students with information about healthcare education, recently published an easy-to-read guide with information about what they call “quick-entry healthcare and medical support careers.” The careers they chose to highlight can be pursued in as short as a few months with the right training. The chart below highlights some that are currently in high demand. Check out the full guide on their website to learn more about each of the careers listed below.

On November 6, the Center for Career Development will be sponsoring an event entitled Pathways to Healthcare. This event will feature a panel of alumni who currently work in the medical field and have not attended medical or dental school. If this sounds like a path you might pursue, this event is a great chance to meet and network with professionals who were once in your shoes.

Immediately following Pathways to Healthcare, you can make your way over to CAHNR Career Night, an informal career fair that provide students with the opportunity to discuss their career options with people currently working in the field. All students currently enrolled in or considering a major in the fields of agriculture, health, or the environment are encouraged to attend.

For more information about Pathways to Healthcare and CAHNR Career Night, visit the events tab on Handshake.