What Can You Do To Land an Interview When Don’t Meet All the Qualifications in a Job Description?

The qualifications on a job listing can potentially turn off any prospective candidate before reading the entire list.  But should it discourage them from applying?   There are some organizations who actually add a statement in their job description, for certain roles, encouraging candidates to apply, even if they don’t meet 100% of their qualifications. It is one way to show their dedication to considering a comprehensive array of candidates, including those with diverse workplace experiences and backgrounds.

There are some things to consider when you come across an exciting opportunity where you don’t necessarily meet all its qualifications.  Read on for some advice:

8 Ways You Can Still Land an Interview when You Don’t Meet All the Requirements was originally published by The Muse by Stacey Lastoe

By Christina Badini
Christina Badini Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations