Adjusting to Big Changes, Seeking Out New Opportunities: Adjusting to new campus as a First-Generation Student  

You’re a bit overwhelmed, it’s ok! 

The start of the semester can be a time of continuity for many students as they jump into their coursework, take in the environment around them and seek out exciting opportunities. However, many students transitioning to a new campus can be intimidating; especially for first-gen students as you’re going to be anticipating many “firsts” throughout the rest of your academic career. That said, it’s important to emphasize the need to take this transition with stride and focus on all the experiences possible with this change. As a part of building your “transition toolbox”, I would like to shed light on some of the resources and mentorship provided by the Center for Career Development. This can include information regarding internship/job searching, networking, or even getting involved with student and professional organizations on campus! 

In-Office Resources  

  • Resume Critiques: Meet with a member of our team to have your resume reviewed. You can schedule an appointment through the career center tab on Handshake 
  • Career Coaching: Meet with a career coach and have a conversation about your professional goals and aspirations; including but not limited to the following topics: 
    • Major exploration 
    • Career exploration 
    • Interviewing 
    • LinkedIn consultation 
    • Written documents review (résumé, CV, cover letters, personal statements, teaching philosophy, etc.) 
    • And much more… 
  • Post-Undergraduate Preparation 

Career Events and Communities 

There’s always something going on in some corner of campus, I recommend checking out the Career and Affinity Communities sections as well as the Events tab. These are great places to start when trying to explore different career paths with respect to your individual aspirations as well as the campus community you most identify with.  

On-demand resources, ready at your convivence 

Sometimes you don’t have the time in your (undoubtedly) busy schedule, here’s some of the online resources we offer to guide your career development journey outside the center  

Understand that you’re not alone… 

Ironically, in such a large space it’s easy to feel isolated and discouraged. From one first-gen student to another, I promise you that you are not. Balance change along with personal and professional development can be tough, but at the Center for Career Development we do everything in our power to make it as exciting of a process as possible. So please, make that appointment, go to that club meeting, attend that webinar, apply for that internship; any step is a step towards progress.  

By Paige Mitchell
Paige Mitchell DEI Career Ambassador