4 Reasons why Insurance is a great industry for Millennials.


Having trouble picking an industry to start your career? Don’t forget Insurance.


Insurance? That is right, I said insurance is a great industry for millennials to look at starting their career. Just like death and taxes everyone has to …

By Mitchell Sharp
Mitchell Sharp Marketing Associate
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How to fit in at your new job

fit in

Starting a new job or internship can be stressful. Balancing the responsibilities of learning a new role, navigating the organization’s culture and norms, and figuring out where you fit in are challenges that come with the territory. These challenges aren’t …

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Internship Fail.


The summer before I started my junior year at UConn, I was hired as a marketing intern for an architectural firm. As an English and Journalism double-major, I knew I could take my career in a few directions, and wanted …

By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Corporate Partner Relations Manager
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