Interviewing Tips for Aspiring PR Professionals

It’s time to take Comm 1000 and apply it – according to Forbes 60% of internship experiences turn into job offers. As an undergrad at UConn you have a great education, and are on your way to a world of …

By Scarlett O'Sullivan
Scarlett O'Sullivan Marketing Associate
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How to CRUSH that interview

Have your pre-interview questions prepared.
You were smart enough to print out the job posting when you applied to help you prepare for the interview but when you are called to schedule an interview you have an opportunity to get …

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Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

It’s quite simple: in life the places you live and the people you know will inevitably change. You will change as an individual throughout the years, but how you develop and grow as a professional is up to you. That is when your own initiative and passion come into play. And that’s the biggest lesson I learned this summer. Read more »

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