Student Success Story: Julia Cobuzzi


Julia Cobuzzi, allied health sciences major, was selectively picked by the UConn Summer Extension Internship program to gain hands-on work experience in her field.

Julia came into our office last week to share some of her exciting professional experiences over …

By Autumn Magro
Autumn Magro Communication Intern
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#TechTuesday: Have you enrolled in CCD ON DEMAND yet?


Are you an athlete whose time is extremely limited, but you need to prepare for an interview that is rapidly approaching? Or are you applying for an on-campus position and need help with your résumé, but it’s after 5pm? Don’t …

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5 Tips to Trimming Your résumé


You’re not alone in thinking that résumés are hard to construct: how could you appropriately market yourself and all of your experiences in only one page? Take a look at your résumé and consider a few things: Does it look …

By Amanda Carchedi
Amanda Carchedi Marketing and Communications Manager
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5 Lessons Every Intern Can Learn from the Olympics


Earlier this summer, I was glued to my TV – watching nearly every Olympic event (yes, even all the track and swimming). From the Opening Ceremony (somebody give Gisele a medal!) to the emotional moments found in every Games, I …

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How to Land a Fine Arts Internship


As a fine arts major, the decision to follow your own passions may have conflicted with your parents’ previous vision for you. Even though you know it was the best choice you’ve ever made, you can put Mom and Dad’s …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts
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Five Effective Techniques to Find a Job


The best way to begin a new chapter in your life, is to start today.  This is true for picking up a new hobby, starting a new path in education, or beginning a job search.  So, the fact that you …

By uConnect - User
uConnect - User
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