5 Ways to Build A Professional Image During Your Internship

Finals and studying are long gone as we’re a few weeks into summer break, and many students are transitioning from eat-study-sleep-repeat to the working world. If you’re starting your internship soon or have already started, congrats! Your internship is going …

By Ashley Pedersen
Ashley Pedersen Internship & Co-Op Program Coordinator Ashley Pedersen
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Spring Cleaning for your Career

Each spring, most of us get the itch to embark on some form of spring cleaning. Whether it is getting rid of old winter clothes, washing the car, and finally opening up those windows and letting some fresh air in. …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Jennifer Grunwald
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No internship this summer? 5 things you can be doing…

If you are finding yourself at home this summer without an internship there are still things you can do to boost your marketability to employers. Devote some of your time over the break to learning and getting involved in meaningful …

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