So, you are on LinkedIn…now what?

Creating a LinkedIn profile is only the first step in utilizing this professional social media! Read the Are you on LinkedIn? blog for more advice on creating a profile! At this stage, you have built a basic profile including a …

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Interviewing Tips for the Pharmacy Student

Pharmacy students are expected to have hundreds of hours in related experiences, as they move through Pharmacy school toward their degree and a full-time job. To gain this experience, they are participating in internships, residencies, fellowships, research, service projects, and …

By Beth Settje
Beth Settje Sr. Assistant Director, Internship & Co-op Programs Beth Settje
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Career Connections for All Majors

Let me ask you something… Are you on the job search and want to visit different worksites? Are you an underclassman that wants to know the best strategies for building your resume? Do you want to take a Friday off …

By Amanda Carchedi
Amanda Carchedi Publicity and Marketing Administrator Amanda Carchedi
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