The Truth About Getting Creative With Your Résumé


The question, “How creative can I be with my résumé” and “How much is too much” comes up quite often in my conversations with students. As much I’d like to give a simple answer – it’s just not that black …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Jennifer Grunwald
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Finding the One: Putting a Ring on the Internship that Completes You


Has the Valentine’s Day Season made you feel lonely? Unwanted? Maybe even lying on the couch downing pints of Ben & Jerry’s and binging on some quality Netflix? We’ve all been there, eager to get ahead but with nowhere to …

By Peter Carcia
Peter Carcia Experiental Learning Intern
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Networking 201: The Informational Interview


What’s an informational interview and why should you bother? The informational interview can serve many purposes and is incredibly valuable for any job or industry. You don’t know what you don’t know!

How did someone land their dream job? They …

By Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire Assistant Director for Corporate Partner Relations Lisa McGuire
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