The International Internship: An Unexpected Journey

I want you to picture yourself in a place somewhere around the world that you want to visit in your lifetime, anywhere at all. Now, when I tell you that going to a place like this is very possible during …

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What’s a co-op? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you.

Co-ops, or co-operative education, are full-time, paid positions with an organization where students are working an entire semester at a company rather than in the classroom. They’re usually 6 months long and start in either January (for the Spring semester) …

By Ashley Pedersen
Ashley Pedersen Internship & Co-Op Program Coordinator Ashley Pedersen
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LinkedIn: How to Use It and Where to Start

The idea of “networking” can potentially feel very intimidating. What LinkedIn does, is it provides you with the tools you need at the reach of your fingertips to succeed. By learning how to effectively maneuver this online resource, you will …

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