Faculty & Staff

The Center for Career Development

To honor the concept of “Career Everywhere”, the Center for Career Development is committed to partnering with faculty and staff to provide them with information, resources, tools, and referral language to help empower our students to identify and achieve their career aspirations. The staff at the Center for Career Development are able to collaborate with you via the following:

  • Tailored classroom and group presentations
  • Facilitate class assignments in résumé writing, interviewing, LinkedIn and more
  • Collaborate on ways to integrate career development into curricula
  • Connect faculty/staff with alumni and employers for guests in the classroom or meetings
  • Partner on career events or programs
  • Request Career Center representation at staff or faculty meetings

Below you will find several resources available to you as you assist students in the career planning space. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions, recommendations, or other thoughts to share with us; you can reach out to your liaison or nancy.bilmes@uconn.edu. Thank you for all you do with students as you help them prepare for life after UConn!



Career Everywhere

The mission of Career Everywhere is to ensure that all students have the tools and resources needed for post-graduation success. …

Resources for You and Your Students

These resources can help you provide your students with some direction getting them started on their career development. 

Partner With Us

There are many ways to interact with the Center for Career Development on behalf of your students professional and career …

Graduate Outcomes

The demand for evidence of student success and employment outcomes has never been greater in higher education and our team …

Becoming Career Ready Faculty & Instructor Guide
Request a Class Assignment

If you would like to send your students in to the Center for Career Development to meet with a coach, …