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The Career Everywhere Philosophy:

The vision of the Center for Career Development is to create a university-wide career readiness culture that prepares all students for post-graduation success.

Career Everywhere supports this vision by infusing career readiness into all facets of a student’s university experience. Research indicates that Career Success and Required for My Career Aspirations  are two of the top three motivators for college students. However, not all students come to college with the same level of access, equity, or knowledge of career planning and development. Career Everywhere closes this gap by giving students from all backgrounds and identities access to guidance and resources regardless of where they are in their career planning process.  

Students seek advice and support not only from the Career Center but also from professors, advisors, supervisors, coaches, alumni, recruiters, and peers. Career Everywhere equips all members of the UConn community with the knowledge and the tools to assist in having meaningful conversations with students. A consistent message of career readiness sets students up to create their plan for post-graduation success.

The Career Center’s charge is to further Career Everywhere by collaborating with the UConn community and campus partners, sharing essential best practices, identifying and communicating relevant resources, and curating content for use in the classroom, during advising appointments, as professional development exercises, and more – anywhere students are seeking career advice. These efforts aim to enhance equity and access to career planning, ensuring that every student, regardless of their background, is empowered for postgraduate success.

In alignment with Career Everywhere, the Center for Career Development sponsors a Career Champion Program. This program aims to establish a community focused on career planning. It comprises university professionals, alumni, and employers who play a substantial role in shaping our students’ professional journeys, with the goal of positively influencing every UConn student’s post-graduation outcome. Recognizing that a significant portion of students seek career guidance from faculty and staff, as evidenced by UConn’s National Alumni Career Mobility surveys, it is important to provide these stakeholders with current career data, trends, and resources. This approach ensures that they feel well-equipped and confident when engaging with students in matters related to their careers. 

As engagement with the Career Center is optional for students, it is essential that they receive career-related insights from those with whom they have the most frequent interactions. Faculty and staff possess the capacity to offer students tools and resources aimed at addressing inherent career inequities within the diverse UConn community. As a Career Champion you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Support recent alumni research that shows students seek career advice from faculty and staff. 
  • Learn about NACE Career Readiness competencies: skills for student success! 
  • Become more confident in offering students insights into career development. 
  • Receive invitations to special events for Career Champions. 
  • Network with Career Center staff and other Career Champions. 

The Career Champion program revolves around promoting career access and equity. There’s no expectation for others to assume the role of career counselors or invest significant time in the career space. Our goal is to empower various stakeholders across campus, including faculty and staff, to feel at ease engaging in these conversations with students, ultimately contributing to the success of all students. 

Time Commitment

The Career Champion Program is designed to be flexible. To support career conversations with students, participants review resources available on the Career Champion website and via monthly newsletters and can attend training sessions and other activities listed below as time permits.

  • Engage in web content and written correspondence received authored by the Center for Career Development which includes a monthly newsletter.
  • Access and evaluate the resources in the HuskyCT organization and faculty/staff website, which provides Career Champions with resources and information to help them integrate career into their own work. 
  • Request a presentation from the Career Center staff to come to your class or workplace to speak on a variety of career development topics. 
  • Work with the Career Center to invite an employer or alum to your class or workplace who can share their experiences with students. 
  • Attend trainings, conferences, and workshops offered by the Center for Career Development and other Career Champions to learn more about Career Center resources, career management trends, and current data that you can share with students. 
  • Integrating NACE Career Readiness Competencies and other career-related content into the work you do with students (teaching, supervising, advising, or mentoring). 

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss or brainstorm strategies for incorporating career development and career competencies into your work with students. Based on the information you provide in this form, we will help explore strategies for career integration within your role. 

Submit a Consultation Request form to let us know more about your ideas and goals. A staff member from the Center for Career Development will follow up to schedule a meeting with you. 

UConn faculty and staff want students to succeed, not only in their experiences while enrolled at UConn, but also in their post-graduation pursuits. When integrating NACE Career Readiness Competencies into your role with students, you can help students enhance and articulate these critical skills that employers and graduate programs seek. Students benefit from seeing where and how they are engaging in Career Readiness and competency development throughout their experiences at UConn.

Watch this webinar for an introduction to the NACE Career Competencies and how student articulation of career competencies can benefit their success post-graduation.

An Introduction to Career Readiness & Competencies (On-Demand)

Submit a request for a member of our staff to come in to your classroom, organization, department, or community to deliver high-quality career content to your audience.  Topics of presentations or workshops include (but are not limited to):

  • Center for Career Development Overview
  • Becoming Career Ready
  • Résumés
  • Cover Letters
  • Networking
  • LinkedIn
  • Interview Preparation, any many more!

    The Career Everywhere team has heard from faculty Career Champions, who are interested in inviting employer partners and alumni into the classroom, and from employer and alumni Career Champions, who hope to share information directly with students.  Faculty/Staff and Employers can complete this form to be added to our list of individuals who hope to be connected with others to bring career into the classroom at UConn.

    To equip faculty and staff effectively and efficiently for these conversations, a HuskyCT organization has been developed by the Center for Career Development as a repository of resources and all Career Champions are automatically enrolled in the organization. The organization, Career Readiness Resources for Classroom and Advising Integration, houses sample syllabi language and examples, career development and competency assignment examples, and career advising resources. Additionally, an Academic Job Search module has been added to aid faculty and staff in navigating the job application process with doctoral students wishing to obtain a faculty position. Complete a Module Request Form to gain access to this organization, or enroll as a Career Champion to also get access! 

    The Center for Career Development’s website offers information and resources for all stakeholders involved in the career development of students.  As students are the primary audience, the “How do I…?” drop down (see screenshot) is the best starting point to direct students to.

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