On-Campus Internships

Below is a list of UConn departments that have hosted or currently hire interns. This list is updated annually, as well as adjusted when the Career Center learns of a new opportunity. These opportunities may be paid or unpaid, for credit or not for credit. Depending on department policies regarding payment, work-study funds may be an option for UConn on-campus internships. Though this list is primarily Storrs postings, opportunities can exist at all five campuses as well as UConn Health. Don’t see a department on the list, but would like to intern with them? Think about a skill you have that can be applied to a project or task that the department oversees. Then reach out to the department and ask for an in-person/virtual meeting to discuss options. See a staff member at the Center for Career Development for ideas on how to professionally approach the department contact. Departments are listed when there is a dedicated page on their site to student employment/ internship options, so students can see timelines and current openings. In addition, a department might be listed if they have had interns in the past. Others may not have a specific website, but actively hire, so there is a form indicating a current or past internship opportunity.

UConn Only Opportunities:

Questions can be sent to internships@uconn.edu.