On-Campus Internships

On-campus internships can take place at all of the UConn campuses, including UConn Health. These opportunities may be paid or unpaid; students may choose to earn credit or not for the experience. UConn Only opportunities are ones that are connected to UConn but may not be located on one of the campuses.

Depending on department policies regarding funding and payment, work-study funds may be used for UConn on-campus internships. When a department offers an internship, it may be listed on their own website, could also be posted in JobX (you can use the advanced search tool to just find ‘interns’), and the position may also be listed Handshake (you can search by the word UConn).

Some departments that consistently offer internships each or both semesters are listed below and are hyperlinked to the department’s general page. Our staff reviews and updates these postings periodically, but you should reach out to these departments directly for more information.

UConn Only Opportunities:

Don’t see a department on the list, but want to intern with them? Think about a skill you have that can be applied to a project or task that the department oversees. You can reach out to the department and ask for an in-person meeting to discuss options. See a staff member at the Center for Career Development for ideas on how to professionally approach them. Questions can be sent to internships@uconn.edu.