Personalized Career Plan

What is a career plan?
A career plan is a way to organize your career goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them.
UConn has developed the Personalized Career Plan so that all UConn students can build their own plan based on their unique goals. This resource helps you create your own customized actions steps to save to your plan.
Why do I need a career plan?
Creating a career plan will help you make informed decisions about how your experiences at UConn will impact your future career. It will assist you in prioritizing your action steps and hold you accountable to meeting your own deadlines.
When should I make one?
A career plan isn’t a one-time document; it is a way to develop and manage your short-term and long-term goals. You can make your career plan as early as your first year at UConn and continue adding goals and action steps as your plans progress.

Create My Personalized Career Plan

How does it work?
Click on the box below that best describes your current career status. You will be asked to log in with your NetID. Identify your primary career goal and underlying sub-goals. After you finish the questionnaire you will receive a customized email (from a noreply account) with suggested action steps and instructions for implementation. Save this email for future reference.

How do I organize my goals?
After completing the questionnaire and receiving your recommendations email you can organize and set deadlines for your goals and action steps in this Personalized Career Plan Goal Tracker and save the PDF to your computer. You can complete the three questionnaires below multiple times to receive recommendations as you develop new goals to add to your career plan.

To complete one of the questionnaires and receive your recommended action steps, click on the box below that best describes your current goals. If none of these options fit you, schedule a career coaching appointment to discuss your goals.

explore small

Help me figure out what I want to do! I am exploring my major or career options.

prepare small

Help me prepare for my chosen career! I need help finding and applying to internships, co-ops, research positions, or volunteer opportunities.

implement small

Help me implement my after graduation plans! I am applying to jobs, graduate school, or planning to do post-graduate service.