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Cultivate Career Capital

Cultivate Career Capital
Cultivating your career capital is key to building the experiences, knowledge, and connections that you need to become a competitive job candidate and to apply to a range of career opportunities that include jobs, post-doctoral fellowships, and internships.

In this section you will find resources for:

If you desire strategies and tips for creating your professional documents, developing your digital footprint, and conveying your skills, strengths, and competencies in writing and oral presentation, you will want to access a number of resources in the Cultivate Career Capital section of the Career Engagement Model.

Develop Professional Brand Research Industries & Target Companies Build Connections Relevant Experience

You will know that you have Cultivated Career Capital when you have:

  • professional documents that are updated and tailored toward the kinds of jobs that you are seeking.
  • a digital presence that reflects your experience, academic knowledge, and skills.
  • researched companies thoroughly and have a sense of your fit with 10 – 20 of them.
  • begun to make connections with people who work in companies and/or careers of interest.
  • a plan of action on how to pursue opportunities within your companies of interest.
  • a habit of adding people to your network who can help you in your job search.
  • a pattern of actively looking for opportunities to gain new experience that will enhance your marketability.
  • checked off many of the action items on the career prep checklist.