Get Started Here!

The Center for Career Development recommends getting started on career planning as early as your first year on campus or as early as it makes sense for you as an individual student. The earlier you begin the more time you have to explore majors and career options, try on different opportunities, and gain related experiences.

The concern that we hear from many students is that they are overwhelmed and don’t know how to start or where to begin. The starting point is different for everyone, so to make it easier for you, you’ll see below some common areas that students are looking to get information. Although you may feel you need all the information in the blocks below, choose the one that you are thinking about most right now to get you started.

If you aren’t sure about your major, click on choose or change your major, if you are looking for career options, click on career options. Some of you may still feel unsure of where to start, and if that’s the case, simply schedule a meeting with a career coach and they will be able to sort this out with you and get you started.